2014 Santa Cruz County Stabbing Data

Earlier this week I was asked to participate in a discussion about homelessness in Santa Cruz on local KSCO radio. The program, Wagner And Winick On the Law, also asked Jannan Thomas the new Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Homeless Service Center to participate. I immediately agreed to take part in the Saturday afternoon conversation. How the shelter processes their incoming residents has been an important topic the past several years. Are they local homeless or transients? After several high profile crimes caused by people utilizing the shelter’s resources the past 4 years, it seemed like a great venue to go over those issues. I also looked forward to discussing what Jannan Thomas’ plans are to reduce homelessness in Santa Cruz. I believe with her impressive and extensive experience, we can only expect positive change in our community.

Unfortunately, I was informed last night the program has taken an adverse turn. Jannan Thomas was no longer on the guest list and was replaced with local homeless advocate Robert Norse. For those of you who don’t know Mr. Norse, he unsuccessfully sued Santa Cruz when he was arrested for making a mock Nazi salute and was arrested when he refused to leave a council meeting. The case cost the city close to $200,000 in legal fees.

Peter Connery of Project Homeless Connect is also scheduled to be on the program. Mr. Connery has been a vocal critic of Santa Cruz residents for not financially supporting local homeless programs. Although it would be interesting to discuss these issues with Mr. Connery, I find the entire program to be pointless with Mr. Norse involved.

I hope one day our community can be serious enough to sit down and have a respectful conversation about the city’s homeless problem and how to eliminate the criminal burden transients invite to Santa Cruz without having inconsequential individuals such as Robert Norse, whose fruitless rantings have proven ineffectual year after year. His litigious behavior has done nothing but financially burdened Santa Cruz and its residents.

I plan to notify Elliana Bisgaard-Church, the associate producer of Wagner And Winick On the Law that I will not join their program today.

2014 Stab-O-Meter

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Number of Stabbings in Santa Cruz County This Year: Santa Cruz 9



Watsonville 6
Capitola 2







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