What is this site all about?

  • StabSantaCruz.com was created in 2008 after a rash of stabbings in Santa Cruz County.  I realized it was an increasing problem and was getting very little attention in the news.  Most of the stabbers are usually male between 16 and 25 years-old.  The victims of stabbings are slightly older than the suspects.  I felt if there was more talk within the community about this issue, the message would somehow reach these young people.  Since it’s creation, stabbings have dropped significantly in Santa Cruz County.

Why is it called StabSantaCruz?

  • Unfortunately, if I had decided on a more common and straight forward name, like SantaCruzCrimestat.org, people would ignore it.  In order to get people talking and pay attention I came up with a name that would make people look twice.  It’s how our society works nowadays.  Yes, I’ve received many emails from people asking me to change the name because it offends them or makes Santa Cruz look bad.  My answer to them has always been to stop focusing on the name of the site and more on the reason why the site even exists in the first place.

Who are you?

  • My name is Helbard Alkhassadeh.  I’ve lived in Santa Cruz County since 1993.  I left San Jose to escape.. well, San Jose.  I found a safe and happy environment in Santa Cruz and quickly decided to spend the rest of my life on the central coast.  I’ve worked at the local NBC affiliate, the Welfare dept., even gave teaching 6-8 at a private school a try.  For the past 7 years my fiancé and I have owned and operated Mockingbird Photography, a commercial studio on the west side.

My Neighborhood is not safe, what can I do?

  •  Many of us that live here feel we’re no longer safe.  I moved to the lower Broadway area near downtown in 2003.  I then spent the next several years working with my neighbors to clean the area up.  We made a huge impact.  Our plan was simple, we called the police whenever we saw anything suspicious.  We flooded the area with police.  This not only scared away the bad guys, but it made the police aware of our attempt to clean up our neighborhood.  We ended up knowing most of the officers who worked our streets and began to feel safe.  The first step in making any neighborhood better is to find out what your resources are.  Talk to your local police, neighbors and city leaders.  Make it known you’re active and for real.  Don’t just put up a Neighborhood Watch sign and expect criminals to run away.  You have to be active.  Install more lighting outside, criminals hate well lit neighborhoods.  Clean up trash, if your street is a mess, nobody will respect it.  Know your neighbors!  If you don’t work as a team, you will never succeed.

How can I contact you?